Faces iMake ABC – The new version

The Key Challenges of a BYOD Program

Editorial Note: We have yet another guest post this weekend. We’re open to article submissions like this one from Reese Jones. If you have an idea for an article that you’d like to share with other parents and teachers reading iMagine Machine, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our society is rapidly adapting to the digital age. […]

Faces iMake – ABC receives a Gold Award from Parents’ Choice :-)

We would like to thank the reviewers at Parents’ Choice foundation for awarding us with our 3rd Gold Award for our Faces iMake Family of Apps. Here is what they say – Faces iMake ABC – With pitch perfect sounds and gentle encouragement, the reward is in the accomplishment

Faces iMake – ABC – out at the Appstore !!!

Well, the day has come and Faces iMake – ABC has been released on the Appstore today. Soon we will be writing about the process that led to this great app but in the meantime, Here are the Faces iMake ALPHABET

Faces iMake ABC – Arriving Feb 7th


We Are Hiring – A freelance publicist and social media marketing expert

iMagine Machine has an opening for a freelance publicist and social media marketing expert. The position will take about 10 hours per week but more when we are launching a new app. We are looking for someone who is US-based and can work from home. What we need: You are someone who really understands social media, the […]

Wince – Don’t Feed The WorryBug – Interview with the writer and illustrator – Andi Green

  The creator of WorryWoos, Andi Green sat down with iMagine Machine’s Andrea Dinnick to talk about monsters, apps, worries and how Worry Woos has touched so many different people: Andrea: I know that Worry Woos started out as an exhibition that you created in a gallery and as I understand it, the concept wasn’t […]